Best 8 GUI tools for MySQL

01. MySQL Workbench

Screenshot of the MySQL Workbench platform at the beginning
MySQL Workbench UI | Download


  1. Internal Resources are available for the users.
  2. Complex operations can be simplified by the GUI.
  3. EER Diagrams are supported in the Workbench.
  4. Open source and supported for every platform.
  5. Community Driven.


  1. System Crashes and maintenance failures.
  2. High amount of resource consumption.
  3. Difficult for the average users.

02. phpMyAdmin

Interface f the phpMyAdmin dashboard
Interface f the phpMyAdmin dashboard


  1. Web-based GUI, therefore users can access it on any computer in the world.
  2. A low amount of resource consumption and helps to optimize the computer much better.
  3. Simple design and easy to understand.
  4. Lots of hosting services are available for phpMyAdmin.


  1. All the systems are running online and if the remote database works offline that makes issues to the user.
  2. Code highlighting is not available and users find it hard to work with.

03. DBeaver

DBeaver Interface
DBeaver Interface


  1. Free and Open Source.
  2. Setup is simple and automatically detects the necessary downloads.
  3. IDE plugins are available and connections are less complex.
  4. Clean and simple interface.


  1. Functions are not showed in the interface.
  2. Function errors and failures.

04. DataGrip

DataGrip Interface
DataGrip Interface | Pricing


  1. Multiple language support.
  2. Cross-platform for all working operating systems.
  3. Version Control support and avoid mistakes.
  4. Powerful than the competition.


  1. High amount of local resources required and make a major effect on computer performance.
  2. Higher cost and low user-friendliness.

05. Sequel Pro

Sequel PRO welcome page | Donate


  1. Easy installation process and simple UI design.
  2. Import and Export features also supported for the different types of frameworks.
  3. Easy to manage mobile development platforms and databases.
  4. Rich interfaces allows user to communicate between databases and tables in a minimum amount of time.


  1. The higher amount of resource consumption leads to crashes and failures.
  2. Only available for Mac OS users.

06. Navicat for MySQL

Navicat Webpage | Download


  1. Data & Structures can be synchronized easily.
  2. Unicode support is available for the Navicat GUI.
  3. Easy to use and light weighted features.
  4. Job scheduling available for the batches.
  5. Cross-platform availability.


  1. Consistence bugs.
  2. Difficulties with the crashes.

07. DBForge Studio

dbForge Webpage | Download | Pricing


  1. Easy to use, information in the interface creates a clear path to the procedures.
  2. All the scripts are easily generated and response time is considerably low.


  1. Local resources are uses extensively and intend to crash on frequent occasions.
  2. Only works for windows platforms.
  3. Too expensive. Enterprise edition costs around 700 USD.

08. HeidiSQL

HeidiSQL | Donations


  1. Free access and light-weighted.
  2. Portable access and user management process is far more advance.
  3. All the data will be synchronized.


  1. Low information in the interface.
  2. Low amount of graphical elements used in the users find it less attractive.
  3. Can be buggy for the system.




I am Software Engineer. A visionary who believes the psychological strength over physical empowerment.

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Pulasthi Aberathne

Pulasthi Aberathne

I am Software Engineer. A visionary who believes the psychological strength over physical empowerment.

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